The Hathaway Family of Susanna Hathaway Pipes, wife of John Pipes Sr.

The chart above is the paternal side of Susanna Hathaway's family. Her mother's name was Sarah but her surname is unknown. Susanna Married John Pipes Sr. in Berkley, Bristol Co., Massachusetts in Oct of 1735. Her family had lived in eastern and southeastern Massachusetts for over 100 years, when in 1736 her father Abraham removed his entire family to Morristown, New Jersey.

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The person numbers in this listing match the person numbers in the chart above.

--- 1st Generation ---

1. Susanna1 Hathaway

Birth* 16 January 1712 Massachusetts.

Marriage* 13 October 1735 John Pipes, Sr.; Berkley, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.1

Death* Unknown, But before 1783 when John Pipes Sr. married Priscilla Bowling in N. Carolina

--- 2nd Generation ---

2. Abraham2 Hathaway

Birth* 11 September 1685 Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.2

Marriage* 28 January 1710 Sarah (_____)

Death*b 08 February 1754 Morristown, Morris Co., New Jersey.

In references to Abraham Hathaway, he is called "Captain". This is noted in the book "Hathaways of America" but we do not know specifically why he had this title. It may have been from Military rank or sea faring position. His family was known to have been involved in the whaling and shipping business in previous generations.

3. Sarah2 (_____)

Marriage* 28 Janiary, 1710 Abraham Hathaway

--- 3rd Generation ---

4. Abraham3 Hathaway

He was a blacksmith, ferryman across the Taunton River, and farmer. He was also a soldier in King Phillips War and served under Capt Henchman's Company. He is mentioned many times in the History of Dighton and Taunton, Massachusetts. He left a will dated 8 August, 1725 in Taunton. This will lists all of his children except Shadrach, who had died before 1725.

Birth* 11 September 1652 Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.2

Marriage* 28 August 1684 Rebecca Wilbore2,3

Burial* __ August 1725 Dighton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.2

Death* 23 August 1725 Dighton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.2

Will* 19 April 1726 Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts (will is listed in full in "Tucker genealogies" published in 1901 pages 106 to 109).2

5. Rebecca3 Wilbore

There are various spellings of her name; e.g. Rebecca, Rebeka and Rebekah, recorded in the primary records of the city of Taunton, Massachusetts.

Birth* 13 January 1664 Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.4

Marriage* 28 August 1684 Abraham Hathaway2,3

Death* 27 August 1727 Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.

--- 4th Generation ---

8. John4 Hathaway

He lived in "The Farms", then part of Taunton, and now part of Berkley, MA. He was an Ensign and served as Deputy to the Plymouth Colony General Court from 1680 to 1684 and again in 1691, and was a member of the General Court of MA from 1696 to 1697.

He was constable in 1676 and 1691, a frequent juror, an attorney of record, and co-founder of the Chartley Iron Works of Norton. (see the Wilbore line also).

Birth* ca.1629 2

Marriage* ca.1649 Martha (_____); Freetown, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.2

Marriage* 25 December 1692 Ruth (_____) (was the widow of Cristopher Dyer).2

Death* ca.1705 Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.2

9. Martha4 (_____)

Note* was the mother of the six children listed, and probably two more who are currently not known. Martha signed a deed in 1683. Some sources have wrongly identify her as daughter of John Shepard and Margaret Squire.

Birth* ca.1629 2

Marriage* ca.1649 John Hathaway; Freetown, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.2

Death* before 1692 Bristol Co., Massachusetts.2

10. Shadrach4 Wilbore

Marriage* __ Mary Deane2,5

Shadrach was mentioned many times in the History of Taunton. He served as the town clerk for 35 years and was said to have had the finest penmanship. He was arrested at one point and thrown in prison for writing a position paper that disagreed with the Royal Government concerning taxation. He left a will that mentions all of his children and his daughter Rebecca specifically, calling her " the wife of Abraham Hathaway".

In 1668, Shadrach, John Hathaway and others were proprietors of the "Taunton North Purchase" which had been made from the Wapanoag Indians. They are on record as selling two 100 acre plots of land to be used to start the "Chartley Iron Works", to James and Thomas Leonard. This iron works grew and later was known as the Leonard Works of Norton.

Birth* 16 September 1631 Sible, Hedingham, Essex Co.4,6

Will* 12 September 1696 Taunton, Massachusetts (will mentions "Rebecca, wife of Abraham Hathaway").7

Death* 28 February 1697 Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.

11. Mary4 Deane

Marriage* __ Shadrach Wilbore2,5

Death* 27 March 1691 Massachusetts.3

--- 5th Generation ---

16. Nicholas5 Hathaway

Nicholas does not have a proven place of death or date of death, they have not been determined. Some sources believe he may have returned to England before his death. He is first mentioned in the records of Boston as having purchased a piece of land at Mount Wolleystone in 1639. He is also listed as one of the first settlers of Taunton and is mentioned many times in the land and court records there. His parentage to his son John Hathaway is proven by the mention in "The proprietary records" volume 5 page1, which reads that John held a purchase right that originally belonged "to his father Nicholas".2

Birth* ca.1595 Kingcote, Gloucestershire, England.2

20. Samuel5 Wilbore

Samuel is recorded in the Parish records of Sible, Hedingham, England with the marriage to Ann Smith in 1620 and also with five of his children at their baptism.

His signature is recorded on the Compact for Portsmouth, Rhode Island in 1638 as well as on the will of his brother Robert in England.

He is believed to have come to New England before 1630 as he was made a freeman in Boston in 1633 and with his wife, was admitted to the church in December of 1633.

Samuel lived in Portsmouth and in Boston and was at one time involved with a religious group led by a Mrs Hutchinson that was considered dangerous by others of the time.

His will mentions his wife and his sons Shadrach and Samuel and Joseph. His sons Arthur and William are thought to have died in England.6

Birth* bt 1595-1600 4,6

Marriage* 13 January1620 Ann Smith; Sible, Hedingham, Essex Co., England.6

Marriage* before 1645 Elizabeth (_____)4

Death* 24 July 1656 Boston, Massachusetts.4

Will* 06 November 1656 Boston, Massachusetts (will probated on this date. His will mentions his second wife and all of his children).4,6

21. Ann5 Smith

Birth* 04 October 1592 Doncaster, York Co.6

Marriage* 13 January1620, Samuel Wilbore; Sible, Hedingham, Essex Co., England.6

Death* before 1645

22. Walter5 Deane

Marriage* Eleanor Strong8

Walter Deane sailed on the ship Speedwell from England to Plymouth Colony on 22 April 1637. He apparently brought six servants with him He became a freeman of Plymouth Colony on Dec 4 1638. Walter was baptized on 13 May 1612 in Chard, Somerset England.5

Birth* 13 May 1612 Chard, Somerset, England (was baptized on this date).5

23. Eleanor5 Strong

Marriage* Walter Deane8

Eleanor is not universally accepted as the wife of Walter Deane. There is a will of one William Cogan of England which specifically mentions "my daughter Eleanor Deane, wife of Walter Deane of New England". Yet several persons still maintain that there is also proof that she was Eleanor Strong, not Eleanor Cogan. In 1777 Governor Caleb Strong states that John Strong's sister came with him to New England and later married a Dean. For further information see "Plymouth Colony, its history and people" by Aubrey Stratton or The American Genealogist issue 59 of 1983; pg 277. If she was a Strong, then she was the daughter of Richard Strong.

--- 6th Generation ---

32. Thomas6 Hathaway

Marriage* ca.1583 Margaret (_____) (The date is calculated based on the dates of their reported children).2

Death* ca.1609 Kingscote, England.2

33. Margaret6 (_____)

Marriage* ca.1583 Thomas Hathaway (The date is calculated based on the dates of their reported children).2

Death* ca.1630 Kingscote, England.2

40. Nicholas6 Wilbore

Marriage* Mary Plume6

41. Mary6 Plume

Marriage* Nicholas Wilbore6

--- 7th Generation ---

82. Robert7 Plume

Birth* date unknown6

Marriage* Elizabeth Purchas6

83. Elizabeth7 Purchas

Birth* date unknown 6

Marriage* Robert Plume6

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