The Children of Captain Abraham Hathaway (1685-1754)

Their relation to the Pipes Family in Morristown and in Pennsylvania

Abel 1708 in Mass. Possibly New Jersey His son Phillip and grandson Shadrack were in the Rev war with John Pipes Jr. and Joseph Pipes. 
Abraham 1710 in Mass. bef 1787 in Pa. He was one of the men involved in the counterfeit ring with John Pipes Sr. in Morris Co.  He was one of the original party from Morristown in 1770 to remove to SW Pa.. His sons William and Abraham and Richard were in the Crawford expedition with Joseph Pipes. Sons Nathan and Thomas also were in SW Pa.
Susanna 1712 in Mass. Bef 1780, place unknown Married John Pipes Sr. in Mass. 1735. Her son Windsor was in SW Pa. before 1773, he bought & sold land on the Tenmile then  moved on to Kentucky and Miss. Her grandsons Joseph and John Pipes both lived in SW Pa. from 1780s to mid 1800s. Joseph was in Crawford Expedition.
Jonathan 1714 in Mass. Possible 1761 New Jersey No info on this brother or children
Simeon 1716 in Mass. 1754  New Jersey His son Samuel removed to SW Pa; Samuel's children moved on to Ohio.
Sarah 1718 in Mass. In New Jersey No info on this sister
Shadrack 1720 in Mass. 1754 in New Jersey His children returned to Massachusetts
Benjamin 1724 in Mass. Possibly New Jersey Unsure of fate of this brother or his children
Abigail 1726 in Mass. Unknown She was a twin to Hanna
Hanna 1726 in Mass. Unknown No further info on these two sisters