1665 to 1850

These record entries are made by date, with the information and the document information to support it when that is known, or comments when the statements are not known with certainty.

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1665 Jan. 3

John Smith demands six rights of land for six people (servants) transported by one John Pipes.

From same book, page 104, and researcher as next entry .

1665 July 5

David Pipes signs over 100 acres, (1 right) of land to John Smith in exchange for transportation

to America. Land is signed over by one Ralph Williams for David and three others.

Research by Dr Gibb. From Maryland land patents; mentioned in book by Gust Skordas "Early settlers of

Maryland pg. 364" patent 9 liber 104-105 of Maryland land patent books.

1689  12 November

A marriage record exists of the marriage of Tristam Greenleaf and Margret Pipes in Hampton, New Hampshire.     "American marriage records before 1699"  by William M. Clemens 1926

Further checking on this records reveals that Margaret Pipes was really Margaret Piper.


Capt William Pipes listed as owner of a ship being built in Somerset County, Maryland on 05/28/1697

pg 598 of vol. 25 ; Archives of Maryland, appendix to council proceedings 1696-1729.

(appears to be a list of ships built or in process; for tax purposes; No known connection to our John Pipes Sr.

This item appears in the book below as a listing. It was originally listed in the Archives volume mentioned above.

They Lived In Somerset: 17th Century Marylanders
Lankford, Wilmer O.
1990, printed by Manokin Press, P.O. Box 14, Princess Anne, MD 21853
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 90-63790


John Pipes Sr. born. Where?, When? All researchers thru the years agree that John Sr. is the first document able Pipes in our line. All seem to agree on this date of early 1700's. He died in 1804 in S. Carolina, so early 1700's is plausible. His wife, Susanna was born in 1712. He was probably of the same age.

1728 Aug. 18

Elizabeth Pipes, widow of Timothy Parker, marries J. Lucas in New York.

pg. 126 vol. 16 of "The record of New York Genealogical and Biographical Society". No known connection.

1735 Oct. 13

The marriage of John Pipes Sr. and Susanna Hathaway is recorded in the town records of Berkley, Bristol Co., Massachusetts. The ceremony was performed by Sylvester Richmond, a Justice of the Peace.


Susanna Hathaway's father, Abraham, sells all of his property in Bristol Co., Massachusetts and removes to Morristown, New Jersey, taking all of his children.  I suspect that John Pipes and Susanna may have followed along, but we have no proof of that as yet. i.e They may have gone before or after.

Book: Hathaway's of America

Bristol Co Land deed records


John Pipes Jr. born. Where? This is our Captain John Pipes. Son of John Pipes Sr.

Have pictures of his grave marker, lists age of 82 years at his death Aug 06, 1821. He was probably born in Morristown.

 1740 Sept. 16

Windsor Pipes born. John Pipes Sr.'s other son (of five known sons)

i.e. John Jr., Windsor, Abner, Sylvanus, Philip.

Louisiana Family bible records. A letter written by Isaac Pipes, G Grandson of Windsor, claims to have copied the dates from a family bible. Present ownership of the bible is not certain.

"Descendants of Windsor and Abner Pipes" Published by E. P Ellsberry

1746 Feb. 25

John Pipes: William Plumstead offers reward for jailing of four men who ran away from the ship "Westmoreland". One of the men was John Pipes. I assume this occurred in Philadelphia, Pa. John Jr. would have been 7yrs. old, so this was probably John Sr. [The name is given as "John Pipe"]

From a book entitled "Abstracts of items from Ben Franklin's 'Pennsylvania Gazette' year 1746" pg. 546


Tom Pipes (connection not known) Born in 1748 in Pa?.

Tom, b.1748 d.1805: Appears in first U.S. census in Salem Mass.(1790) also in American Gen. Index #30. Also Abridged Compendium Of Amer. Gen. Lists Tom as being from Pa., Colonel in Rev War, and marries Sarah Semple in 1784 in Cumberland Co. Pa.

Note: This entry is in error. This man, who is a colonel in the Revolution, is Thomas Butler, NOT Thomas Pipes. 

* The Census entry for Tom Pipes in Salem in 1790 Massachusetts is real and research shows that this Tom Pipes was a free Black Man. He is probably the progenitor of the Pipes families in Maryland and Delaware in subsequent Census records.


Pipes and Brown ( a company?) are listed as debtors in the estate of Stephen Thompson; In Rockaway, Morris County, New Jersey.

Vol. II pg. 479, Abstracts of New Jersey wills. (archives)

1750 June 21

Nathaniel Morris marries Rebecca Bayles in Basking Ridge, Morris Co., N.J. ( Recorded as Bailey in many places, in error)

( These are Mary Morris' Parents.) I make this entry to track Nathaniel's movements from N.J. to N. Carolina. Their marriage listed in First Presbyterian Church Records in Morristown, N.J. Also listed is Sarah Bayles (Rebecca's sister) to John Ayres. A John Ayres also was in N. Carolina.

1750 July

John Pipes Sr.; In Morris Co N.J.; convicted of Counterfeiting money.

The offense may have occurred several years earlier, as early as 1745 in the History of Morris Co. by Thayer.

Minutes of the Morris Co. Court of Oyer and Terminer. Morris Co. N. Jersey.

1751 Sept. 20

John Pipes Sr. : Elizabethtown, N.J.; He was arrested for a felony committed in the house of Edward Thomas on Sunday Sept. 15, 1751 (doesn't say for what offense) He was held in a bond for 200 pounds, 100 pounds of which were placed by Simon ( Simeon?) Hathaway, and ordered to appear at the Essex Co. court of Oyer and Terminer or at the next Supreme Court held at Perth Amboy.

Minutes of N. Jersey Court of Oyer & Terminer in Morristown Library.

1758 March 2nd

Founding of the church and calling a minister papers. Signed by John Pipes (assume John Senior) A list of contributions contains John Pipes 1 pound.

From Munsell's History chapter 34:

March 2d 1758, 
We the subscribers do by these mannerfest it to be our desier to Joyn with Porsipaney to call and settel a minnester, to have the one half of the preachen at porsipaney and the other half at rockaway, and each part to be eakwel in payen a minnester. Job Allen, Seth Mehuran, David Beman, gilbard hedy, Andreu Morrison, Isak ogden, John pipes, Samuel Shipman, John Minton, Samuel Whithed jr, Joseph burrel, wilyam wines, nethanel michel, Jasiah beman, James losey, abraham Masacra, henerey stag, John Harriman, Jonah Austen, Samuel Burwell, John gobbel, Abraham Johnson, John Cogswell, John huntington, Gershom Gard, John kent, Amos Kilburn, william Danels, Samuel Moore.

Munsell's History of Morris Co. pg.339; Crayon's history of the Rockaway Church, Various records in Morristown Free library. Letter from First Presbyterian Church to Thomas Pipes, 1964.


Mary Morris born. This was John Jr.'s second wife  and a daughter of Nathaniel Morris and Rebecca Baily She stated in a Revolutionary soldier widow's pension application in 1837 that she was in her 17th year when she married John in 1777 in Morristown

Mary Morris Pension application and records of First Presbyterian Church in Morristown.

1760 September

John Pipes (Senior and Junior) & Windsor Pipes, Signers of an obligation to pay a minister by Rate. Dated September, 1760 in Morristown, N. J.

There is also an indeterminate entry for a rate list that has John Pipes for 10 shillings, but the date is in question. The church reports that 1768 was "pencilled in" but it may be 1761.

Morristown Church records of First Presbyterian Church


John Pipes Jr. marries Jemima Harriman. She was connected to Presbyterian Church of Elizabethtown thru her parents. Don't know exact date yet. Their oldest son Joseph was born in March of 1763 in Rockaway, Morris County, New Jersey. Note:

Information supplied by Jack Houser of Valparaiso on Harriman family.

Information In Hennen Family Book on Harriman Line. Information supplied by Joan Shacklette.

Book: Rockaway Records, by Percy Crayon

Pension papers of Joseph Pipes

Mrs. Ellsberry's book on John Pipes


Joseph Pipes born on March 17.  Possibly John Jr.'s first son. He was in Revolution and Colonial Wars. Well known in Greene Co. Pa.; Says he was born in Rockaway, N.J. and came to Pennsylvania from N. Carolina.(?)

Book by Dorothy Hennen of Greene Co. Pa. has chapter on the Pipes family. "The Hennen Family Vol. II" Lists a great amount of information on Joseph Pipes.

His Pension application states March 17 as his birth date

1764  February 13

John Pipes posts his cattle mark in the town of Pequannock, New Jersey. ( This is the equivalent of a "brand" for his cattle. Everyone made up their own mark and recorded it with the town officials.)

Town Records of Pequannock Township  1741-1836


Windsor Pipes sues Job Allen Along with John Coxwell, and Charles Boyles  over a bond or note that was overdue. The note was for 68 pounds. This was in the Morristown, N. Jersey, County Clerk's records for the September term of the County Court. It is in Judgment File #2. [This is the last record of Windsor in N.J.] 

1766 - 1767

John Pipes Jr. Mortgage with John Harriman in Morris Co., N. J. to David Ogden

Mortgage book A ; pp 52-53  This was probably Jemima's Brother John.

* 1769 December 15

Windsor Pipes.  A land claim was made by Windsor Pipes for land in Tryon County, N. Carolina.

Tryon Co., NC, Land Warrants 1768-74 abstracted by Miles Philbeck:

Windsor Pipes claims "...150 acres on Little Braod River beginning at Roaring Shaol, running up river, and lying between Fisher's and Lusk's land. Warrant 458, 15 December 1769."

And this email from 2005 adds to the entry for Windsor in Tryon County:

Dear Robert,

I would like to share with you information re the early Windsor Pipes and his wife Jane McAfee. Jane McAfee was the daughter of James McAfee of Old Tryon County, NC.  When James McAfee surveyed his land in Old Tryon County, NC,  in the 1700's, Windsor Pipes was one of two individuals to carry the chain; the other individual was McAfee.  On the back of the survey is written "Windsor Pipes" and "James McAfee" as chain bearers.  I have spent some 20 years researching the McAfee family history and traveling to the numerous southern state archives to make copies of information re the McAfee and allied families. I thought that you would like this information for your Pipes Family history.  

 Carolyn McAfee  08/28/2005

The following is from a letter written by Ross W. Cook, a genealogist from New Jersey to Charles B. Pipes in September of 1959 


John Pipes Sr.,  Surry Co. N. C. Involved in church work. He is mentioned in the diary of a Moravian traveling minister as living on "South Deep Creek" in "Allin's settlement". This diary is published in the history of the Moravians in N. Carolina (3 vols.) The description also says that he [Pipes] was "some 40 miles distant" when Soelle was near Shallowford. [meaning he was 40 miles west of Shallowford, on Deep Creek.]

History of the Moravians in N. Carolina  Vol. #3

History of N. C. Baptists Vol. 2, pp163-164


John Pipes Sr. listed in Surry County, N. Carolina 1771 tax list

Surry County Tax lists


Windsor Pipes owns land on Smith Creek, south of Waynesburg, Pa.. Sells property in 1771.

Deed Records from Greene County, Pa.  One Ralph Smith purchased the land for his father Thomas. The bill was signed in August of 1773 and recorded in November of 1796.

"History of the Tenmile Country" by Howard Leckey


Abner Pipes listed in Surry Co, N.C. Tax lists

Surry Co. Tax Lists

* 1772

Phillip Pipes listed in Surry Co, N.C. Tax lists

Surry Co. Tax Lists


John Pipes Sr. Lives on South Deep Creek, Surry Co. NC.

He is either in "The Jersey Settlement" or "Allen's Settlement" according to the account of Brother Soelle.

Research by Elsie Mae Amerine in "History of Surry Co".

Brother Soelle's account of travels in Surry Co as a Moravian Minister.

"History of the Baptists in N. Carolina" by George Washington Paschal

*** 1773 

The Obituary for Abner Pipes (1773-1834) (oldest son of Windsor Pipes 1740-1806)

The obituary is for Abner and appears in the Wednesday, August 27, 1834 edition of the Southern Telegraph of Rodney, Mississippi.
It reads thus:
At his residence, near Greenville, in this county, on the 31st ulto., after a protracted illness, Mr. Abner Pipes, in the 62nd year of his age. He was born near Louisville, in the state of Kentucky, and in his eight year, came to Natchez when this country was subject to the British Crown. About the time of the evacuation of this country by the Spanish Authorities in 1795, he removed to the neighborhood in which he has ever since resided, and in which he died.

NOTE: Isaac Newton Pipes marked in the 1880 Census that his father, Abner, was born in Mississippi. (It is improbable that Abner was born in Mississippi in 1773 as the family is not noted in Mississippi until after 1780.RJP.) See also, the entry for 1780 that shows Windsor in Kentucky, near present day Louisville in 1780.

This Obituary notice is reported in the book "Jersey Settlers" and was first uncovered by Ella Pipes Dumas in 1967.


John Pipes Jr. is a co-signer of a "List of Associators of Pequanock-1776". This list essentially pledged the signers to support the actions of the Continental and Provincial Congress. This list of men were Freeholders and inhabitants of the Township of Pequanock in Morris County, New Jersey. Joseph, John and Richard Harriman were also signers as were  Silas Hathaway and Job Allen. Many other names appear on the list as well.

Some Early  Records of Morris County, New Jersey by Harriet Stryker-Rhoda

1776   Feb 7

John Pipes Jr. is one of the signers of a "Remonstrance to the Provincial Congress Concerning Appointment of Officers in the Third Battalion". This document was prepared in Morris County, New Jersey and expressed their concern that unqualified Officers were being appointed. They wanted "Men of Property, Character and at least 21 years of age". Co-signers of this document were Benoni Hathaway and Jonathan Hathaway ,among many others.

Some Early  Records of Morris County, New Jersey by Harriet Stryker-Rhoda

** 1777  August 23

John Pipes and Mary Morris were married in the first Presbyterian Church in Morristown, New Jersey.

The marriage is listed in the church records. In her pension application in 1837, she states she was in her "17th year... and he was on leave from Washington's Army then encamped at Elizabethtown." [He would have been in his mid 30's]

1778 July 23

John Pipes Sr. applied for a land grant of 250 acres on South side of Yadkin River.

This is the property on Pipes' Creek adjoining Eaton's property.

Grant was issued in 1782; Book B, page 196, Surry Co. Land Records

1778  Nov. 12

Silvanus Pipes enters 150 acres of land in Surry Co., N. Carolina on the Big Elkin. This is a land grant and the Big Elkin is on the north side of the Yadkin. A later entry adds 150 more acres to the original grant. No date is given for this second grant, but he has 300 acres on the 1782 Tax lists.

Joseph Winston Entry Book. 1778 to 1781 for Surry Co., N. Carolina, 1987 by Agnes Wells

1778 Dec. 8

John Pipes ( No Sr. or Jr. designation made) enters 200 acres of land in Surry Co. on both sides of Camp Creek, the waters of Mitchell River. Including the improvement that was William Davis' ( no date given). On Dec. 8, 1778, a caveat was made by Nicholas Angle and it went to court and the court returned a verdict in favor of Davis.

We are not sure of this entry. It could be John Jr.'s first and a failed attempt at the land he later held on Camp Creek, or it may be a piece of land his father was trying to enter for him. It may also be a similar but different piece of land on Camp Creek.

Joseph Winston Entry Book. 1778 to 1781 for Surry Co., N. Carolina, 1987 by Agnes Wells


John Pipes Jr. Listed on Census records for 1778 -1780 in Morris Co. NJ

Book: "Revolutionary Census of New Jersey" MPL. R929.3 s928


"John Pipes Jr. enters a grant for 200 acres on the head of Hanes' Creek adjoining Davis Haramon including the MINE HOTEL"  No date is given for this entry, but it was entered into the records between 1778 and 1781. No further reference to this piece of property has been found. I have no idea what is meant by the "Mine Hotel".

Joseph Winston Entry Book. 1778 to 1781 for Surry Co., N. Carolina, 1987 by Agnes Wells


John Pipes Jr. moves his family from New Jersey to Surry Co., N. Carolina.

As explained in Mary Morris Pipes' widows pension application. " Sometime in the year 1779 or 1780 he received an honorable discharge and they removed to N. Carolina where his father then lived..."

Revolutionary War Pension application of Mary Morris Pipes in 1837

1779 March 30

Nathaniel Morris enters 300 acres of land in Surry Co. on Eaton's Creek, waters of the Yadkin River, joining Peter Eaton and John Pipes, including the improvements that were William Silveys.

This entry may be our biggest clue as to the date that John Pipes and Mary Morris (Nathaniel's daughter) came to Surry Co. If they came together from Morristown, they may have arrived shortly before this date.

Joseph Winston Entry Book. 1778 to 1781 for Surry Co., N. Carolina, 1987 by Agnes Wells

1780 April 24

John Pipes ( No Sr. or Jr. designation made) enters 200 acres on Deep Creek waters adjoining William Roberts

Joseph Winston Entry Book. 1778 to 1781 for Surry Co., N. Carolina, 1987 by Agnes Wells

1780 Sept 27

Windsor Pipes.  From the personal papers of George Rogers Clark appears an entry on this date that states Windsor Pipes was paid dry goods etc., for 50 bushels of corn apparently to be used at Fort Jefferson in Kentucky. I believe this validates his residence in Kentucky just before moving to Mississippi.

Book: "The personnel of George Rogers Clark's Fort Jefferson" by Kenneth C. Carstens, 1999

Refer to his son Abner's obituary, which states that they lived in Kentucky, near Louisville from 1773 to 1780

1780  Oct 17

Surry Co.: Will of Mason Combs. " For 100 pounds gold and silver to John Pipes all my  lands, livestock, personalty. Witnessed by John English, Betse Mosby.  John Pipes signs the bill of sale to William T. Lewis on 21 Jan., 1783. It is recorded in Aug. Court of 1784. (For further explanation, see the article on Phillip Pipes) The inventory of Mason Comb's Estate was returned by  John Combs in Nov 1785 and it lists 400 acres of land and notes against John Pipes, Nathan Allan, Jesse Franklin and Wm Combs. 

Surry Co., Wills 1771-1827Abstrated by Jo White Linn, Gpc. Inc.


Windsor Pipes Listed in court records in Natchez, Miss. He signed as surety for someone else who was purchasing land at an auction.

Court records of Natchez, Miss

This is the first record of him in Mississippi

* 1782

Phillip Pipes listed in Montgomery Co, Virginia Tax lists

Montgomery Co., Va. Tax Lists


Listed in the Surry Co. Tax list for 1782 in Martin's District on the South side of the Yadkin River on Pipes' creek is John Pipes Jr. with 3 horses, 6 cows and 100 acres. This must be property that he held before moving north of Yadkin in 1783. It must be adjacent to the land later held by his father because of the designation "Pipes' Creek"

1782 Tax List of Surry Co., N. Carolina Published 1974 by Robert Taylor.


John Pipes Sr. is granted a parcel of land on the south side of the Yadkin river for 100 shillings per 100 acres. The land is surveyed by John Jr. This piece of land is entered as 200 acres but really contains about 250 acres. This was a land grant by the State of N. Carolina. Part of the border designation for this property is "Pipes' Creek" . That term is used to describe the property and the creek for many years after. It is no longer called Pipes' Creek but is now (1990's) called Lineberry Creek.

Surry Co., N. Carolina Land Deed records. Abstracted by Jo White Linn and also by Mrs. W. O.  Abshur


Listed in the Surry Co. Tax list for 1782 on Elkins Creek, Martin's District, on the north side of the Yadkin River is Sylvanus Pipes. He has 2 horses, 6 cows and 300 Acres of land.

1782 Tax List of Surry Co., N. Carolina Published 1974 by Robert Taylor.


Listed in the Surry Co. Tax list for 1782 in Martin's District is Nathaniel Morris. He has 2 horses and 8 cows. No amount of land is listed and no specific location is given. He purchased land NE of John Pipes Sr.'s old property in 1779 on the south side of the Yadkin.

1782 Tax List of Surry Co., N. Carolina Published 1974 by Robert Taylor.


Matthew Pipes is listed in the 1782 Tax list of Surry Co. N. Carolina,. He is on the waters of Deep Creek with no land listed but 1 horse and 2 cows.

1782 Tax List of Surry Co., N. Carolina Published 1974 by Robert Taylor.

* This entry has been misinterpreted as Pipes. Examination of the census records show this as Phipps.

1783 November 25

John Pipes Sr. Sells 198 acres to Peter Downey.

Book C; page 453; Surry Co Deeds, 198 Acres

This is the land on the south side of the Yadkin. There was about 250 acres in this parcel, even though the land grant was for 200 acres. This deed was signed by John Pipes Sr. and his wife Priscilla.

Analysis of Deeds by Elsie Amerine

Deed in Surry County records.

1783 November 25

John Pipes Sr. Sells land in N. Carolina, possibly moves to Spartanburg Co., South Carolina at this time. He sells the remaining 52 acres of his original grant to Humphrey Cockram on the same day as the 198 acres to Peter Downey. This deed was also signed by John Sr. and Priscilla.

John Hawkins Document.

Analysis of Deeds by Elsie Amerine

Deed in Surry County records.

* 1784

Phillip Pipes listed in Surry Co, N.C. Tax lists

Surry Co. Tax Lists

1784   May 26

Surry Co.: Will of Robert Walker deceased. Lists about 40 names of persons with notes due to Robert Walkers estate. John Pipes is listed.

Surry Co Wills 1771-1827Abstrated by Jo White Linn, Gpc. Inc.

1784   Aug 9

Sylvanus Pipes is the witness to a gift deed in Surry County between Salathiel Martin and his son, Obediah Martin for 250 acres on the north side of the Yadkin River. This land is mentioned in Salathiel's will also.

Surry Co. Wills 1771-1827; Abstrated by Jo White Linn, Gpc. Inc.

1784   Dec. 22

Sylvanus Pipes is the Bondsman for the marriage bond of the widow of William Ridge and Nathan Allin.

Surry Co. Wills; 1771-1827; Abstracted by Jo White Linn, Gpc. Inc.


John Pipes Jr. Applies for 200 acres on North Side of  Yadkin River. It was Approved in 1789

This land was on Camp Creek, north of present day Elkin, North Carolina.

Analysis of Deeds by Elsie Amerine proved this to be John Jr.'s deed, because when he sold this land it was signed by John Pipes and his wife Mary.

1785 May 11

A will is recorded in Surry Co. N. Carolina for one William Ridge. The court appointed at this time a Nathan Allin to be the Guardian for William's four children, with the following men as secured or secondary guardians for the children: William T. Lewis, Mason Combs, John Pipes, Silvanus Pipes, Zenos Baldwin, Isham Thompson and William Cook.

Silvanus Pipes had been the Bondsman for the marriage bond between William Ridge and his wife Winnifred dated Dec. 22, 1784.

(This info supplied by Carol Garrett)  See the entry under Oct 2, 1792 for further info on this appointment of guardianship.

Also listed in : Surry Co., Wills 1771-1827; Abstrated by Jo White Linn, Gpc. Inc.

* 1786

Phillip Pipes listed in Surry Co, N.C. Tax lists

Surry Co. Tax Lists

1786   March 24

Sylvanus Pipes is the Bondsman for the marriage of Joel Lewis and Miriam Eastham in Surry Co. N. Carolina

Marriages of Surry County, N. Carolina 1779-1868  Brent Holcomb GPC Inc. pg. 123


Sylvanus Pipes  appears as a juror in Surry Co. North Carolina on 18 May 1787.

This is the last reference found for him in N. Carolina. He next appears in Kentucky in 1789. (In Lincoln County) Information supplied by Joan Shacklette

1787 June 1

Surry Co.: A deed is witnessed by John Pipes and Isaac Southard when Henry Southard purchases 200 acres on south fork of Mitchell River from James Fielder.

Surry Co Wills 1771-1827 Abstracted by Jo White Linn, Gpc. Inc.

1787 August 11

Nathaniel Morris purchases a parcel of land from Benjamin Parks. This land is the parcel abutting the old John Pipes Sr. grant on the south side of the Yadkin in Surry Co. It is just west of the original Pipes grant.

Surry Co. Land deeds analyzed by Elsie Amerine

Deed book D page 43


Sylvanus Pipes appears as a taxpayer in Lincoln Co. Kentucky, where he was assessed for three horses.

I believe that his brother Phillip was with him but do not have that proof as yet. This item does prove that Sylvanus went to Kentucky before his brother John and may be the reason for John Pipes Jr.'s migration  to that state in 1795.

 (info from Joan Shacklette) Lincoln Co., Kentucky Tax lists

1789 May 18th 

John Pipes Jr. acquires 200 acres of  land on Camp Creek on the north side of the Yadkin.

The Grant is for the 200 acres on Camp Creek and is in Deed Book E 1790-1793 (even tho it is a 1789 grant. 

* 1790

Phillip Pipes listed in Henry Co, Virginia Tax lists

Henry  Co. Tax Lists


Spartanburg Co. South Carolina. John Pipes Sr. surrenders James Cullins to the court in a case brought by William Poole. John had made bail for James. James was acquitted.


South Carolina Census records. Spartanburg District: Household of John Pipes Sr.: 1 male over 16 (John) and 4 females; (Priscilla his wife, and three daughters; Priscilla, Ruth and Sarah)

1790 Jan 7

Surry Co.: A deed is witnessed by John Pipes and Able Carter when Henry Southard sells 100 acres on Camp Creek to Isaac Southard.

Surry Co. Wills 1771-1827; Abstracted by Jo White Linn, Gpc. Inc.

1790 Nov 27

Surry Co. The will of Isaac Southard. (Note that Isaac and Henry Southard were neighbors of John Pipes Jr. on the land north of the Yadkin on Camp Creek.) This will was witnessed by Nathaniel Morris, John Pipes and Able Carter. The Estate was inventoried by John Pipes also.

Surry Co. Wills 1771-1827; Abstracted by Jo White Linn, Gpc. Inc.


Salem, Massachusetts. An entry is made on the 1790 census for a Tom Pipes as head of household.

1790 Federal census of Massachusetts

* This is a free Black man. His background or origin is unknown at this point.

1791 August

The inventory of the estate of Isaac Southard is recorded in August court. It was performed by John Pipes and Icabud Blackledge.

Surry Co. Wills 1771-1827; Abstracted by Jo White Linn, Gpc. Inc.

1792 Oct. 2

A Bill of Complaint had been filed against the guardians of the children of William Ridge (see the entry of May 11 1785). John Pipes and Silvanus Pipes had been named in this bill of Complaint. They in turn filed an answer to the bill of Complaint in deposition form, stating that the bill had many errors in it, that they were indeed appointed guardians of the children of William Ridge and that they knew nothing of the other charges in the bill of complaint. They asked for dismissal of the charges. (This info supplied by Carol Garrett) (See the article on Phillip Pipes for further explanation of the Pipes Combs and Ridge connections.)

1793 June 14

A deed of gift is completed in Spartanburg Co., S. Carolina. In this deed John Pipes Sr. and his wife Priscilla give all of their personal belongings to their three daughters. The daughters are named as Priscilla, Ruth and Sarah. This deed is recorded on July 16th, 1793.

This info supplied by Carol Garrett and is mentioned in the book "The Carolina Genealogist" and is recorded in the Spartanburg Co. Deed records.


John Pipes, (brother of Joseph Pipes and son of John Pipes Jr.) moves to Greene Co., Pa. from Surry Co., N. Carolina.

John Hawkins document, Marriage record of Eleanor Slater,

Mrs. Ellsberry's book on John Pipes Jr. and Hill-Dupuy register mentioned in that book.

1795  6th April

Spartanburg Co., South Carolina.  6th April. Deed book H  ppg. 52-53, John Boley ( Boling) of Spartanburg Co. to John Pipes for one Spanish Milled Dollar, 200 acres on the west bank of Scholey Creek..... John Boley (Seal),   Witness Levi Burnham, Parscilla Pipes.

John Boling was in Surry Co., N. Carolina, near John Pipes Sr. when he (John) sold land in 1783. Since 200 acres would be worth more than 1 Dollar, this is in essence a gift deed to John and Priscilla from John Boling. Pricsilla may have been his daughter. (info from John Hawkins)


Spartanburg Co., South Carolina. 25th April. Deed book D, page 340. John Pipes of Spartanburg Co. to Thomas Massingale for one Spanish Milled Dollar, two acres on bank of Shoaly Creek.... John Pipes (seal)  Witness levi Burnham, Jeremiah Massingale.

Why would John be giving two acres to Thomas? Could this be a gift to one of his sons in law?

(info John Hawkins)


John Pipes marries Eleanor Slater in Greene Co., Pa.

Note: This marriage date is not proven. It could be anywhere from 1795 to 1797. The best indicator is the birth of his children with Eleanor Slater. They appear to start in 1795 to 1797.

Bates' History of Greene Co., Greene Co. Records,

Hennens Choice, Vol. II ; D. Hennen

1795 Feb 11

Surry Co.: Pleas and Quarters Court Minutes: " Ordered that Sarah Pipes, relict of Isaac Southard deceased, and John Pipes be cited to appear at our next county court and show cause if any they have, why all the children of the said Isaac Southard deceased, together with his said estate should not be put under guardianship and to bring forward all the children that is or are above fourteen years of age to choose their guardian.  

Note that Sarah Southard (assumed to be his wife) had been appointed Executor of Isaac's estate in Feb 1791, and his estate was inventoried in August 1791 by John Pipes. Isaac's will was written on Nov. 27, 1790. His wife was not named, it does mention his son Micajah, daughter Phebe. He had at least six daughters according to census records and one of them was named Hopestill Southard, as she chose her cousin Martin Southard as her guardian in Nov. of 1796.

* This is an important entry in that it names Sarah, the widow of Isaac Southard as "Sarah Pipes" and also asks John Pipes to come to court with her. The important point here is who is this John Pipes? Its not John Sr., Its not John Jr....    And more importantly, was she a Pipes by marriage after Isaac's death or was Pipes her maiden name before her marriage to Isaac?

Surry Co.: County court of Pleas and Quarters Sessions 1790-1795 Vol. I  Compiled by Agnes Wells & Iris Harvey

Surry Co. Wills 1771-1827; Abstracted by Jo White Linn, Gpc. Inc.

1795 October 1, 

John Pipes and Mary his wife sell the Camp Creek property of 200 acres to William Alford.

This is the same property with the beautiful waterfall on it that he gained thru a grant of 10 pounds per hundred acres in May 18th , 1789.

It is on the north side of Yadkin River and they are preparing to relocate to Kentucky.  It is recorded in Deed book I, 1797-1895 In Surry County, NC

1796 April 30, 

John Pipes Jr. Buys land in Kentucky. He purchases 38 Acres in Mercer Co., Kentucky on the head waters of Doctors Fork.

He paid 75 Pounds for the land purchased from William Brumfield. John's wife Mary is not mentioned.

Deed records of Mercer Co., Kentucky

1798 January 13

South Carolina, January 13th, Court Case; John Pipes against Henry Turner. Ordered that a commision Dedimus Potestatum issue to North Carolina, (unreadable), County, to examine Depmson Crane in behalf of the plaintiff, giving legal notice.          (info from John Hawkins)


South Carolina, 18 July. Court Case. John Pipes against Hugh Thomason. Petition. Decree for the Plaintiff; a Pound and costs of the suit.    (info from John Hawkins)


South Carolina Federal Census:  John Pipes Household.  1 Male 45 and up ( John);  1 female 45 and up ( Priscilla) 1 female 16 - 26 ( Sally, who later married Absalom Roe)   ( Info John Hawkins)

**1801 October 20

Deed Book B., Page 284:  Chancery Clerk's Office, Natchez, Mississippi.

[This strange entry states the relation of Abner Pipes and John Pipes Sr., his father. In this entry, Joseph White, formerly of North Carolina swears] "about 30 years ago, in Wilks County, N. Carolina, he had a quarrel with (1) Pipes, father of Abner Pipes Sr. now of Adams County, Mississippi Territory, and a fray ensuing theron, in which the said Abner Pipes Senior did by some means get part of his right ear either bitten, smashed or cut off."

No one has determined why this sworn statement was made, but was probably part of some lawsuit filed some where. It is also included in "Descendants of Windsor Pipes and Abner Pipes", published by E. P. Ellsberry.

1801  May 13

Surry Co.: The deed of John and Mary Pipes from 1795 selling the 200 acres on Camp creek to William Alford was recorded and proven by oath of William Meredith.

Surry Co.: County court of Pleas and Quarters Sessions 1790-1795 Vol. I  Compiled by Agnes Wells & Iris Harvey

** 1802 November 21

The will of Abner Pipes is recorded in Adams County, Mississippi. Mentioned are his wife Mary, son John (who is not of age),  "two daughters, Ann and Polly" ( implies that Ann is married, Polly is not) Witnessed by Eusatace Humphreys, John Pipes and Moses Redey.


Spartanburg Co., South Carolina. 21 March,  Deed Book K, page 75, "John Pipes of the district of Spartanburg to Sarah Pipes for $200, 'Land in Spartan District' on the west side of Shoaley Creek"

John Pipes (seal)  Witness Leonard Burnett, Addeman Johnson

How would Sarah have had 200 dollars to buy this piece of land from her father? (info John Hawkins)

This is the same piece of land sold to John by John Boling in April 1795

1803 July 29

On this date a child was born out of wedlock to Lidea Bunch and John Pipes at the house of Cornelius McConley or McCowley in the county of Wayne, Kentucky. The matter was brought to court. We assume this is the John Pipes who was a son of Phillip Pipes and later moved to Limestone Co., Alabama, but that is not certain or proven.

Wayne Co. Marriages and Vital records; 1801-1860; compiled by June B. Bork, 1973


Spartanburg Co., South Carolina. 18 November: Will of John Pipes Sr.:  "Wife Priscilla, All my moveable and unmovable property and after her death to my daughter Sally Pipes."   John x Pipes

Witness Ephriam Lewis , William ________?

Spartanburg Co., S. Carolina wills


Spartanburg Co., South Carolina. 28 March.   On the reverse side of the will of John Pipes Sr. is the notation "not proven",  Thomas Walling applied for administration on 27 March 1805. rather than a certification of the citation being read on the reverse is the following: " We the legatees of the deceased John Pipes have met amongst ourselves considering that the cost would out do the profit and put a poor old widow to suffer in her old day..... "   Thomas Walling, Benjamin Lewis, Sally  x  Pipes, Priscilla  x  Pipes

[Thomas Walling and Benjamin Lewis must be the husbands of the other two daughters of John and Priscilla. perhaps one of them was previously married to Thomas Massingale ]  (info from John Hawkins)

** 1805 May 16  Will Book A, Page 11

Jefferson County, Territory of Mississippi: The will of Windsor Pipes is recorded.  It mentions his wife Jeanette, 5 sons and three daughters by name.

The will is printed in the book "Descendants of Windsor and Abner Pipes" Published by E. P. Ellsberry.

1806 Dec 31

William Shores and Abigail Pipes are married in Wayne Co., Kentucky. Bondsman is Reuben Shores. We assume that Abigail was a daughter of Phillip Pipes. These families later migrated to Limestone Co., Alabama.

Wayne Co. Marriages and Vital records; 1801-1860, compiled by June B. Bork, 1973

1806 July 6

William Shores Jr. and Rhoda Pipes are married in Wayne Co., Kentucky. Bondsman is William Shores Sr. Endorsement on bond states "parents consented". This family later migrated to Limestone Co. Alabama. We assume that Rhoda was a daughter of Philip Pipes.

Wayne Co. Marriages and Vital records; 1801-1860, compiled by June B. Bork, 1973

* Her name is Mary Rhoda and she later moved to Illinois, married Richard Birks, died there in 1825

1807  March 5

Wayne Co. Kentucky. Phoebe Pipes and Solomon McGowan are married. Phillip Pipes is the Bondsman. The endorsement on the bond states: "parents present and consented" The Pipes and McGowan families later moved on to Limestone Co. Alabama. We assume that Phoebe was a daughter of Phillip Pipes.

Wayne Co. Marriages and Vital records; 1801-1860; compiled by June B. Bork, 1973

* They are still in  Wayne Co., Ky in the 1840 Census, after others had moved to Alabama


Spartanburg Co. South Carolina.   April 28th.:  Deed Book O, page 179,  Absalom Roe, Sally Roe and Benjamin Lewis to Edmund Bishop.  Land on Shoaley Creek, a branch of Lawson's Fork of the Pacolet River, A part of a 200ac. deeded to Sally Roe by her father John Pipes. (info John Hawkins)

** 1818  November 28

Deed Book K, pages 260-261 Adams County, Mississippi

Mary Pipes, widow of Abner Pipes, sells three parcels of property that were formerly propert owned by Abner, her husband. Also mentioned are his children and they are all living in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana.

The land sales are to Nathaniel Harrison, Thomas Flynn and Stephen Drury. Thomas Flynn was the husband of Anne Pipes, daughter of Abner and Mary Pipes.

1821  August 6th

John Pipes Jr. dies in Kentucky. He is buried at Doctor's Fork Cemetery, Old Union Church Yard, near Perryville, Kentucky. His will is recorded on 15 July, 1821 in Mercer County Will Book 7 page 52

His gravestone pictures are available. It states that he is 82 years old, placing his birth in 1739.


Phillip Pipes Listed in the 1830 Census of Limestone Co. Alabama Age 70 to 80 years

Census Records. Living with 1 female 70 to 80 years old.

* He does not appear in the 1840 Census so we assume he died ca. 1835


Sylvanus Pipes listed in the 1830 Census of Missouri, in the household of his son, Pleasant.

* He does not appear in the 1840 Census so we assume he died ca. 1835

*** November 1837

Mary Morris Pipes completes an application for a Revolutionary War Soldiers pension.

Based on her husband's service as an officer in the New Jersey Continental Line. Mary provides invaluable details on their life together. 


John Pipes (Son of Phillip) listed in 1850 federal census of Limestone Co. Alabama age 85 years

Census Records. Living with wife Winny, age 78, and female, granddaughter Dianna Pipes, age 27